1954 Gulf Gas Electric Pam Clock Co.
1954 Gulf Oil Electric Pam Clock Company General Store & Lighting
Clock lighted, but we used a camera flash.
Back side of the clock. Red inl states "Warning, Replace with only 15 watt lamps" i n red stamped letters. at the top and bottom.
Inside of the clock frame. We are using very low wattage LED lights.
Original electric Ingraham clock motor.
Ingraham Model-17 electric clock motor, P.A.T. 1954
Glass clock face apart from the frame.
Very small chipping on the glass around the center hole of the clock face.
Back Side of the clock face with paper backing.
Convex glass or double bubble style glass.
The clock is 4 5/8" deep.
The clock lighted at night, no camera flash.

1954-55 Gulf Oil Electric Pam Clock Company 14 1/2" dia. Clock

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This very nice 1954-55 period Gulf Oil clock is in excellent to near mint original condition, and it runs beautifully! We can not find any makers mark but it is the style of PAM Clock Co. It is 14 1/2 inches in diameter and is 4 5/8 inches deep. It has the original convex (double bubble) style glass. The original glass Gulf face has some very minor chipping around the center hole for the hands which is hardly noticeable (see photos). We have used modern very low wattage LED bulbs in place of the 15-watt bulbs originally used. Stamped in red ink on the back on the top and bottom "Warning, Replace Only With 15 Watt Lamps". The body of the clock is aluminum. The original clockwork was made by the Ingraham Clock Company. The clock is model #17, 2 W, 115 A.C., 60 cycle motor, and the patent number on the motor is #2677776 (1954). The clock runs well and keeps excellent time. It also makes a great night light in the shop!